Settling-In Services

We understand that moving home, especially internationally, can be a long process with endless decisions. We are here to make the transition a smooth one. Our agents know Hong Kong and the settling in process and are focused on wrapping up these final steps with you, so you can get on and enjoy your new home.


What our clients say…
  • “It was a big change and I expected many challenges, but my agent was so supportive and knowledgeable that even though I was moving in with 3 kids, it was an enjoyable adventure for all of us.”
  • “Our agent helped us see things differently. As they dealt with the details, from visas to identifying medical providers, it allowed us time to focus on the more interesting elements of our move and uncover new opportunities.”
  • “Long after our efficiently executed move, I still turn to my agent for advice on anything related to living in Hong Kong and she has always been there to listen and help!”