The Changing Dynamics of the Residential Leasing Market

Opportunities behind the transforming market

Hong Kong is already one of the world’s most expensive cities, and with a limited supply of residential units and the organic population growth, home rents are expected to continue to increase. On the other hand, since September 2011 luxury residential rents in Hong Kong have declined by 12% as MNCs become more cost-conscious with their expatriate packages, but with a good outlook and robust market conditions this decline has begun to shift. With the expectation of rising rents, both landlords and tenants should be able to identify the premises that best suit their needs.

This report addresses the residential leasing market conditions in luxury, mid-tier, and mass market sectors. Find out what are the leasing preference for expatriates and other market sectors, how developers and landlords can capture their demand, and explore the new opportunities available beyond the traditional districts.


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