Typhoon Signals

T1 - If a typhoon is within 800km of Hong Kong.

T3 - Strong wind is expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level, with a sustained speed of 41- 62 km/h (kilometres per hour), and gusts which may exceed 110 km/h, and the wind condition is expected to persist. Winds are normally expected to become generally stronger in Hong Kong within 12 hours after the issue of this signal. Winds over o shore waters and on high ground may reach gale force.
T8 - If a typhoon is either imminent or has already reached Hong Kong. In the event of a category 8 typhoon warning, all businesses and services close down. Sustained gale or storm force wind speeds will exceed 63km/h with gusts up to 180 km/h.

T9 - Indicates either a direct hit or a very strong typhoon is in progress. T9 signals are rare.

T10 - Hurricane force winds are in effect, sustained wind speeds of 118 km/h and gusts may exceed 220 km/h.

Rainstorm Warnings

There are three Rainstorm Warnings to denote especially strong or hazardous rain.

Amber - heavy rain of 30 mm an hour or above is falling and is expected to continue.
Red - heavy rain of 50 mm an hour is falling and expected to continue.
Black - heavy rain of 70 mm or more is falling most likely resulting in flooding.


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