Coastal Hong Kong is located in the South-East of China, bordering the Chinese province of Guangdong. The British colonised Hong Kong in 1841 because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Pearl River delta.


Hong Kong Population was 7,346,700 at mid-2016, representing an increase of 41,000 or 0.6% from 7,305,700 at mid-2015, with approximately 30.2% residing on the Kowloon peninsula and 17.2% on Hong Kong Island and 52.6% on New Territories, with much of the outlying islands and mountainous regions unpopulated.


Total area: 1105.7 square kilometres Hong Kong Island size is 80.68 sq km


Hong Kong Standard Time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Hong Kong does not adopt Daylight Saving Time.


Hong Kong is divided into three principle areas: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Hong Kong Island is the nancial and historical centre of Hong Kong, perched on the edge of one of the world’s greatest harbours - Victoria Harbour. Jutting into the harbour on the other side lies the densely populated Kowloon Peninsula. The northern part of Kowloon gives way to the New Territories which stretches all the way to the border with China.

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